What is Curatiant?

Curatiant (kyu̇r-ā-te-ənt) is a social media management system (SMMS) that enables organizations to manage their Twitter account within Salesforce. Curatiant makes the transition to social for organizations simple by managing the flow of incoming and outgoing tweets, scaling the response to brand mentions, and protecting against the dangers of rogue communications. Curatiant makes real social engagement at scale without the risk possible.

Industry analysts predict that within the next five years social media will become the number two organizational engagement method; second only to face-to-face interaction¹; however, this brave new world is not without risk. A recent survey found that 30% of companies indicate legal, compliance, and regulatory risks associated with social engagement were critical or significant while another 25% rated the risk as moderate². With this shift in engagement on the horizon, organizations have to prepare to transact via social; however, the primary deterrents from this readiness are concerns over rogue tweets, ownership of social properties, and scalability of content messaging. This is the social business engagement equation; Curatiant solves it.

Product Features:

  • Content Validation: Prevents inappropriate content from being published by providing real-time feedback for blocked content, and comments from curators on reasons for message rejection
  • Conversation Collaboration: Category assignment and routing allows ‘behind-the-scenes’ scaling of your social team by democratizing the creation of content for your Twitter account (both general content and brand mentions)
  • Audit Trail: All messages from creation through review are logged, showing salient details such as content creator, publisher, and conversation owner
  • Intuitive UX: Action-based menu headings and options speed adoption with message counters providing ‘at-a-glance’ feedback on content awaiting action

¹ http://www.forbes.com/sites/markfidelman/2012/05/22/ibm-study-if-you-dont-have-a-social-ceo-youre-going-to-be-less-competitive/

² http://www.altimetergroup.com/research/reports/social-media-risk-management

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