As Curatiant continues to grow after our Alpha release we are now looking to expand our functionality and reach by adding a Technical Co-Founder to the team to take on the CTO title.

Think you have what it takes to be a co-founder? Ready to get in on the ground floor and help grow the company that is changing the face of social business engagement in 2013? Get in touch!

Position detail:
CTO, Co-Founder

Simple description:
Top-notch developer who is ready, willing and able to dive in and own/build out the next phases of Curatiant and take on the responsibilities and rewards of being a co-founder.

Longer description:
You must have experience with the following: building custom applications on Salesforce, packaging applications for the Salesforce AppExchange, integrating with social APIs, creating full custom code and VisualForce.

It would be nice if you had experience with the following: speaking to and helping prioritize product roadmap elements, graphic design and user experience, and consulting experience.

Note: This is a true co-founder role on a very small team (in fact, you would be employee number two!) so you need to be ready to devote your time to this as a true co-founder of the company and product. As such, there is no salary for the role and you will receive financial ownership in the company along a founder vesting schedule that will be solidified once the final candidate is identified.

Use the contact form to get in touch or send a note to corey/curatiant/com with your interest and experience.

Corey Rawdon

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