When your company launches a new product you tend to focus on functionality, features, and to some extent design (when appropriate) because, quite rightly so, you just built something and you want to show it to the world! Your marketing team focuses on what the product does and how it solves the intended problem-set while your sales team focuses on product differentiators and benefits. While these activities are right and good there is one thing they do not do well: provide inspiration for outside thinking on product uses.

This is where ideation boards come into play. Your product may have all these great features designed to solve a few core problem sets but not all of your potential customers share these same needs; ideation boards bring out the creative side of your customers and move them into a self problem solving mode where they use your board for inspiration while dreaming up their own ways to use your product. In involving your customer in this creative problem solving process you have not only made your sales cycle easier; you’ve opened up the door for your customers to come to you again for more ideas and engaging dialog. This is part of what helps you build alumni for your company and not just customers for your product.

Need some inspiration for your own ideation board? View ours on the Ideation page!

Corey Rawdon

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